Debbie And Tony's Photographs And Memories The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England
The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Definitely Good Timing

The rainy season started here in South Florida several weeks ago, but the last couple of days have been really wet with heavy showers and thunderstorms.

This morning I woke up to find it was still pretty dark, with the skies very overcast and it had rained a lot in the night.   Nevertheless, I decided to try and take my morning walk to try and wake up, as my head was in a complete fuzz after a hard day yesterday.

I saw hardly anyone on my walk around Deer Creek, just a lady walking her dog, and two people cycling around the loop.  I guess everyone else was more sensible and decided to play it safe!

Well about 1/3 of the way around the loop I could see a few spots of rain falling on puddles on the ground, and I thought to myself “This is it!  You are going to get drenched!”.  But I didn’t, the sky brightened up a bit, and the walk went really well, except for the blister on the ball of my right foot that insists on re-forming every time I walk.  Maybe I need to try two pairs of socks…

Moving forward to now, 30 minutes later, there is a terrific thunderstorm going on outside, it’s like a monsoon, and the wind has been howling.  If I had got caught in this, there isn’t a tree on earth that I could have sheltered underneath.  I would have come home like a drowned rat!

So maybe this day is starting off ok, maybe luck is on my side today!  I sure hope so, I have so much to try and do, and I am still really tired after yesterday’s exertions (see here).


10 minutes after posting – a mini tornado whistles down the lake.  Even the ducks are trying to shelter from the rain which is now even harder.   Rain is beating on the front of the condo, a stream of water is pouring down the inside of the front door, and we just caught the bedroom windows in time as a lake formed on the inside and it started to cascade down the wall behind the bed!   Fortunately we just caught it, and a towel put paid to the otherwise large pool of water that was forming.

When it rains like this, the old windows in the condo just don’t seal well enough to keep the rain out.  Where we are by a stair well, the wind channels through, and increases in velocity.

Fortunately it’s calmed down a bit – for now at least…  I think we must have had a good 3 inches of rain in 30 minutes.

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