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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

A Frog In A Bucket

Outside Our Kitchen DoorTuesday morning I got ready to go to work, and as usual I looked outside the kitchen door, which is where we have been leaving a tray of peanuts for our night time visitors, and I saw that they remained untouched.

Disappointed at not having had anyone come to eat overnight, I picked up the wildlife camera, turned it off, and placed it on the kitchen counter top for my wife to check, but as I walked out the kitchen door to head out to work I saw something moving in a black bowl that had been left outside the door.

It had rained a lot over the past week, and I had noticed that this bowl had been filling up, and now it was completely full, but something was definitely moving in the water.

I walked back into the kitchen, grabbed a torch, shone it in the bucket, and to my surprise there was a frog (or it could be a toad, it was dark and I didn’t have long to spend looking).

The frog was about 2 inches long, so quite large (by UK standards at least), and I have absolutely no idea how it got there.

The photographs above shows where the bucket was when I found the frog, but look below to see exactly where this is in relation to our garden.

Outside Our Kitchen Door

First there are 3 steps to climb to get from the garden to the side path, then as you can see below there are another 4 steps to get to the back door.

Outside Our Kitchen Door

So how on earth did our froggy end up in a bucket of water at the top of the steps?

With all the rain it’s possible that he could have climbed up all that way to the top on his own, maybe to escape some of the water.

It’s also possible that one of the storms could have lifted him out of his pond and deposited him in the bucket, but I think this is a bit unlikely.

Similarly, a bird might have picked him up and dropped him there, or our badger might have left him there the during the night, intending to have him for a tasty dessert the following night, but I somehow doubt that badgers are that complicated when it comes to their food.

Also, bearing in mind that none of the food that we left out that night had been touched, I am just left puzzled.

As for the frog, I didn’t want him to end up drowned in there, and so before leaving for work I dumped the water and the frog onto our herb bed, and as the soil is full of clay I knew that he would have a nice damp environment and an opportunity to make his way to somewhere more appropriate for a frog to spend his time.

Do you have any thoughts on how he might have got there? If so I would be interested to hear about them.

Fairies? Well there could be some in our garden, pixies too, but I have never seen them. Still, with a wildlife camera, anything is possible…

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