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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Fox Feeding Frenzy And A Disappointment

The past couple of weeks have seen a lot of fox activity in our garden, so I finally got some new batteries for the trail camera and set it up outside the kitchen door on Sunday evening to see what we could catch.

Whether it’s because it’s Spring and the foxes now have young to feed I don’t know, but at least 2 of the younger foxes (we think they are now 2 years old) have been regular visitors, sometimes wandering through the garden a number of times through the night, and they seem to enjoy the food that we put out for them.

Sunday night began the same as a few other nights lately, with our security lights being triggered, and peeping into the kitchen there is a fox feeding right outside the kitchen door. In fact it’s possible to walk (carefully) right up to the door without spooking them, and watch them feed from just several feet away.

That night the camera recorded about 20 minutes of video, which covered 3 separate time periods, and we think that there might have been 3 different foxes visiting. It’s hard to tell the foxes apart at night because the video is black and white, but it is possible to make out some distinguishing features.

We had put out the remains of a stir fry (not too spicy), mixed with some cauliflower cheese (they seem to love cheese), and some other vegetables, and over the course of the night it all disappeared. Saturday night we had put out some whole raw eggs, which they had presumably taken back for the young, as they disappeared as well.

Last night was a disappointment though, as we left some cat food, and a large amount of peanuts out for the foxes. I got up to find every last peanut had been taken, and think that this might be due to our local visiting badger, but alas when I checked the camera, not a single video clip.

I think the camera doesn’t like one of our memory cards, as it seems that some nights it doesn’t record anything at all, even though we know animals have been about. This is despite both cards being the same type and size too. Very frustrating, since it would have been good to get more video of the badger.

But at least we did get more video of the foxes, and I hope that in the coming months as the nights continue to get shorter, that we will be able to get some video in colour at least.

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