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Under Shelf Picture Hanger Looking For A Solution

Under Shelf Picture Hanger
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I want to hang a photo on the wall in our office under a shelf, but I can’t find what I am looking for, so I am hoping that someone might be able to help with some ideas for a solution.

You see, what I want to do is to hang some photos under a 6 inch deep shelf, but I don’t want to drill into the wall or the shelf.

I am thinking that if I could find a hook that was shaped like the one in my diagram that this would hold even a heavy photo firm, with the hook passing behind the shelf and resting on the top of the shelf, providing a firm support, so that  a photo frame could either be hung directly onto the hook, or the cord from a photo frame could be hung onto the hook.

The photos are to hang in our home office, which Debbie uses for working from home. Currently papers, a calendar, photos of her kids, and other things are on the desk, which is cluttered and frankly a real mess. By hanging things onto the wall it would help to give her a much nicer working environment.

Try as hard as I might though, I have seen nothing that will remotely do what I want.

There are plenty of shelves to fit photos on, or photo hangers that you screw into the wall. There are countless types of S-shaped hooks as well for hanging things from a picture rail, but not a single one that is shaped anything like I want.

It would be nice to find something, otherwise I might have to buy some strips of metal and make them myself, which is another option, but without a vice and the correct tools, I might just make a mess of it.

So, if you do have any ideas, or do know of a product that might work, please can you leave a comment on this post. Posting links to products is fine, as that will help me to find the product that you are describing.

Any comments which are obviously spam will be deleted.

Hopefully someone out there knows something that will help, so I can assist Debbie in organising her office.

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