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How Would You Like To Travel Through Time And Space?

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2019How would you like to be able to travel through time and space?

Just imagine that a time machine or a teleporter existed, and that you were given the amazing opportunity to select a place to travel to instantly, and to optionally flit either forwards or backwards in time.

Would you take that opportunity, or would you be too scared to even attempt it.

Let’s face it, teleporting, whether it’s on television or in the movies, is not without it’s dangers. Remember The Fly, where Jeff Goldblum tests his teleport device, only to find a housefly was in there with him, and has now become part of him. Scary indeed if that were to be a reality!

But on the positive side, just imagine that you could travel to Australia in seconds (or even minutes would be good enough). How about being able to go on a day trip from anywhere in the world to Disneyworld and back again. The world would be wide open to you wouldn’t it.

Of course the world might also be open to criminals as well. Imagine an assassin being able to travel anywhere in the world, to seek out their target, and then as swiftly as they arrived, teleport back to where they came from. That would also be very scary.

But that’s just travel to different places. What if you could also go back in time using your teleporter device, or forward in time to see what the future holds for us.

If you could travel forward in time, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what the future has in store for us. It would be nice to think that mankind had managed to overcome all the hateful greedy things that as a race we are all too often guilty of, and that the future was like some Utopian kind of existence.

I somehow fear though, that the future, even just 50 years from now, might not be the kind of environment that we would want for our children and grandchildren. I fear the effects of climate change, as well as terrorism. I also fear society as we know it falling apart, with the police unable to maintain law and order due to rising crime levels. Finding a world where the majority of people lived in fear is like living in one of those futuristic sci-fi movies.

If you could travel to the future and then returned to the present time, you might be able to help tell people where we were going wrong, and to help us to prevent an apocalyptic future. What if you went forward 100 years, or even just 50 years, and found that indeed, global warming had caused the oceans to rise. What if there had been a nuclear holocaust and mankind was struggling to survive? It would be helpful to let the governments know what is going to happen if we don’t take action, but then would anyone believe you, and even if they did, what if they didn’t listen and do anything about it?

The other scenario that provokes some deep thoughts, is going back in time.

What if you went back in time, and something happened as a result which meant that your parents never met and fell in love, and therefore you weren’t born. Would you suddenly fade and vanish?

It’s really interesting to think of the many scenarios where going back and changing the past would impact the future.

Imagine if you went back in time and did something to prevent Hitler rising to power. maybe the Second World War would never have happened.  What if you were to sabotage the RAF and cause the UK to lose the Battle of Britain, and Hitler had invaded?

How about going much further back in time and causing the Normans to lose at the Battle of Hastings in 1066? William would then never have been the conqueror of Britain, and I wonder what impact that might have had on Europe in the 11th century.

There must be dozens, maybe hundreds of scenarios that you can think of where going back in the past could have changed history. Or maybe you have some thoughts about travelling to the future. If so, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

This article was inspired by something I spotted while walking around the city of Cambridge a few days ago.

Tucked away between two telephone boxes, was a small gadget. I took a closer look, and it was made to look like a teleportation device. Maybe it was actually a teleportation device, who knows. I just wasn’t brave enough to try it.

Click on the photographs below for larger images.

I have since found out that the Teleporter is the creation of a company called Dinky Doors who have been planting a range of amazingly bizarre objects all around the Cambridge area. I definitely recommend visiting their website, and you never know, the idea might expand and you might soon find some innovative objects like this appearing in your local area.

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