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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

I Have Got The Pre-Holiday Blues

Debbie and I are going away next week for a short break, and as sometimes happens right before a holiday, I have got the pre-holiday blues.

A few months ago, Debbie thought that it would be nice if we could get away to somewhere warm during February half term. With neither of us wanting to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick, preferring to fly from either Southampton or Bournemouth, which are our local airports, our options were rather limited. In addition, with it being half term, many places and flights were already fully booked, however Debbie did find us flights to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, which usually has good weather all year round.

Lanzarote is supposed to be the driest of the Canary Islands, and the temperature this time of year ought to be in the mid 20’s, but when Debbie started checking the weather forecast a few weeks ago, it’s been much wetter and colder than usual, with lots of rain and also thunderstorms. The latest reviews of the apartment where we will be staying include statements about the pool being too cold to use, and having to sit indoors in the evenings as it was too chilly to sit out by the pool.

And so, while both of us are really looking forward to getting away, we are also cautiously optimistic about what we might find when we arrive.

While everyone else around me has been sick this winter, with either colds, flu or one or more bugs that have been going around, I have managed to stay well, but since the weekend I have started to feel really tired and lethargic, a sure sign that I am getting a bad cold, and so now I am worried that by the time we leave I could have a raging sore throat, headache and congestion. I have flown with the “cold from hell” before, and it’s not much fun!

I always used to be fully prepared for a trip as well, but lately, whether it’s because I am getting older I don’t know, I struggle to get everything done until the last moment. I still need to check the camera and make sure the memory cards and batteries are ok, plus I haven’t even sorted out my clothes yet, some of which might need washing before we go. I had planned to just take a light sweatshirt with me for the evenings, but now I think I might need either a warmer one, if we are out walking where it’s windy, or a jacket as well. At least we will have a car while we are there, so we can take the jackets with us during the day in case we need them, but I would still prefer not to have to carry a sweater and a jacket on the plane with me.

As to what we are going, there is a lovely long beach about 10 minutes drive from where we will be staying, that is good for surfing, plus has nice walks. I hope the sea is warm enough for swimming though!

I also looked out a great snorkelling beach, but this is totally undeveloped, and requires a 15 minute drive down an “extremely” bumpy dirt track off the beaten path to get to it. It’s also at the very far end of the island, so hopefully the drive will be worth it, and the waters warm enough for me to explore the area underwater as well as above. I know it will be too cold for Debbie though, unless it’s the Caribbean, it’s definitely too cold for her unfortunately. So wish us luck with the weather next week.

Fingers crossed my pre-holiday blues will soon disappear by the time we are ready to leave.

I am not taking the laptop with me, but I did find a WordPress App for the Kindle Fire, so hopefully I will be able to let you know how we are doing while we are there.

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