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I’m Going To Be A Grandparent!

Marzipan baby by Camille AllenWell, it’s happened.  I’m going to join all those mature people who are known as Grandparents.  A new generation is currently preparing itself to enter this world.  A journey that I am so excited about.

I had told all three of my children years ago that there was no way on this earth was I going to be ready to be a Grandmother until I was at least fifty.  So last summer, I had that magical birthday and I just knew what was going to happen next.  And it did.  And I am SO excited!

My eldest daughter Gemma is going to be a mother.  She and her husband have been trying for a long old while to have a baby, so it’s a much wanted new addition.  I remember at my birthday party telling her that her body would be saying ‘phew, the old bird finally hit 50, we can relax now and make that baby’ , and it did …

This week, Gemma recorded the baby’s heartbeat on her mobile (cell) phone as the midwife listened to it.  Then of course, the recording was sent to me via a text message and I have that precious little beating on my phone.  I reguarly listen to it, especially when I’m feeling a bit low (due to current events).

Every time I go shopping, I’m there in the baby aisle getting all the special offers.  I’m gradually building my own superstore full of baby goodies.  I’ve had conversations with new Mum’s in the aisle about which are better, Pampers or Huggies?

Funny isn’t it, when I think of this new baby, or about my daughter becoming a mother, I see a baby girl in her arms.  Now I have no preference what-so-ever, but that’s what I see in my mind.  If I find myself in the clothes section, I find myself looking at all the little pink frilly outfits, without even realising it.  As a Mother of two girls, I desperately wanted a boy and waited a long time for my son to make an appearance, so it surprises me in a way that I’m leaning towards the pink variety LOL!

I decided very early on, that I want to be known as Nana Deb.  Grandmother is so ageing, as is Grandma.  My own mother is Nanny, so I don’t want that title as well.

The baby isn’t due until July, which happens to be the same month as my birthday, so we still have a long way to go.  But watching Gemma’s tummy swell, and helping her through the sickness and emotional roller coaster that has hit her has brought all my maternal instincts flowing again.

Her father and I have agreed to go halves on a 3 in 1 travel system that she wants.  The one she has her eye on is over 500 pounds! I’ve told her to have a re-think on that.  As her father says, you can get a used car for that LOL!!

So along with my visa trauma’s, I have something very special to look forward to.  Oh, the first scan is on Tuesday.  I was desperate to ask if I could go, but that’s my son-in-laws place to be by her side, not mine.  I can’t wait to see the photograph though!

Please note, The image used here is of a ‘marzipan’ baby made by Camille Allen.

If you’ve seen the “The Smell of Rain” or “Marzipan Babies” ( Or “Sugar Babies”) email, you have probably seen some images taken from this website . However those pictures are really of sculptures created out of clay by Camille Allen.

The babies are not made of Marzipan – they were never made of marzipan or sugar or almond paste.   They are not real premature babies.

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