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Israel And Palestine. Can There Be Peace In Gaza?

The Gaza StripI wish that Israel and Palestine could find a peaceful solution in the Gaza Strip.

I don’t in any way condone Israel’s military actions, however peace only works if both sides remain peaceful.

It only takes one person to keep lobbing rockets across into Israel, and sooner or later you come to the point where you say “Enough is enough!”.

If only Israel could have the determination to try and not retaliate, and if only both sides could try to ensure that individual acts of aggression did not take place, I think there could be a solution to the problem.  From the news reports it sounds as if Israel is saying that Hamas is behind the rocket attacks or at least not doing enough  to try and prevent them from taking place.

The saddest part with any conflict like this is that innocent people always get hurt.  Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed or injured in this latest scuffle, and this just helps fuel the hatred of one side for the other.  As long as attacks continue on either side, grudges will be formed, that will last for generations.

I’m not sure what the U.N. can do if anything, but surely something can be done to defuse the situation in the Gaza Strip.  Let us hope that there can be a peaceful solution here soon, and let 2009 be a year where this and more conflicts are settled in the world.

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