It’s Written In The Stars – Life As We Know It Is Going To End

It’s official, written in the stars you might say.  According to astronomers, life as we know it is going to end.

Sad and shocking news I know, and with 21 December 2012 just around the corner.

Using data from the Hubble Telescope, scientists have shown that things are going to change, with our closest neighbour the Andromeda Galaxy on it’s way to crash into our own Milky Way.

While they think that our Sun and Planets may be “relatively” unaffected, in other words they might not be blown to smithereens and vaporised, this great upheaval in the heavens is sure to create chaos, with the tectonic plates shifting, maybe great tidal waves and earthquakes and other natural disasters.

You can read more about this on this article from the BBC News.

The good news though is that this cataclysmic event is not due to happen for another 3.75 billion years, so we can all breath easily again and sleep comfortable in our beds tonight.

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