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Lanzarote in February (part eight) Papagayo Beach

Papagayo Beach Panorama

Papagayo Beach is one of a handful of small coves in the south west of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. These coves are just to the east of the resort of Playa Blanca, and Papagayo Beach is the most eastern of the coves.

The beach here is lovely, comprised of soft yellow sand, and because of it’s location, it’s less busy than the beaches in the resorts.

Papagayo Beach LanzaroteYou can only get to Papagayo Beach and the other coves by taking a short boat trip from Playa Blanca, otherwise it’s about 4km down a very bumpy and potholed trail by car, or a long walk or cycle. Fortunately we had a car during our week on the island, however tourists are warned that the road to Papagayo Beach is classified as “off road” and therefore if you do break down your insurance will not cover you. However, we took the risk, drove carefully, and managed without any problems.

I was hoping to get a video of part of the drive along the road to Papagayo Beach, but obviously couldn’t take it myself as I needed both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road to avoid the worst of the potholes. Debbie didn’t want to take a video as she didn’t want to get car sick, so we don’t have one, but trust me, it’s a pretty bumpy road and one that you need to take care with driving down.

Papagayo Beach LanzaroteThe first time that we went to Papagayo Beach, Debbie was rather dubious as to whether it was a good thing or not trying to go there, having read a lot about the poor condition of the road, however, once we had been there, we ended going back twice more, each time to one of the other coves, all of which are lovely, but also different in their own way.

This is a view of the walk from the car park to Papagayo Beach. You can see just how dry and rugged this part of the island is. It’s not obvious from here just what a beautiful sight will greet you as you reach the coast, but it’s well worth it.

Papagayo Beach LanzaroteAs you reach the coast, the small bay and beach come into view. By the top of the steps that lead down to the beach is a small restaurant that serves food and drinks. We didn’t go inside, but the smells of food were enough to make you feel hungry.

Papagayo is not a massive beach, but it’s fairly sheltered from the wind, and the rocks are great for snorkelling around with plenty of colourful fish and other marine life.

Unfortunately, February 2018 was the coldest in more than 40 years, and although I managed to swim in the sea for about half an hour, by the time I came out I was chilled to the bone! It was well worth it though, but it did take me a while to warm up afterwards.

Even though the drive to Papagayo Beach is difficult, the beach can still get fairly crowded, but we thought it was well worth it.

Here are some more photographs of Papagayo beach, what do you think?

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