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Secrets Of The Backwoods

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“Secrets Of The Backwoods” is a short horror story that I wrote in October 2011 and which was originally published on Yahoo Voices with the title “My Woman She Cries Day And Night”. Unfortunately, it was published at a time when Yahoo were having many problems and to date the story has yet to be seen by more than 300 people. I think that this story deserves a second chance, so while I try to come up with ideas for new short stories, I hope you don’t mind me publishing an older one that I hope will find a new audience. Actually, I hope this time around it will find an audience.

Before we begin, I want to warn you that this is a gruesome horror story and it might not be suitable for those with a delicate stomach. If you are brave enough to continue reading, then welcome to my cabin in the woods which is my own little kingdom, a domain that I have complete control over.

My woman does nothing but cry these days. All day and all night when she is not sleeping, she seems to do nothing but cry. Nothing I do seems to brighten her mood in any way at all. I know that she does get lonely up here in the backwoods, but we should be having some company soon as the warmer weather arrives, I can feel it.

She is also getting rather pale of late from spending too much time indoors, but it’s too risky to allow her outside on her own in case she wanders off into the woods and gets lost or attacked by a bear.

She isn’t eating like she used to either, but then our larder has been fairly empty over the winter months. Fortunately the warmer months are coming and with that an opportunity for me to venture out and restock our provisions.

You see we live in a remote cabin that is deep in the backwoods and virtually hidden in a hollow in the hills. It’s the perfect location since the smoke from the chimney rarely rises above the tree cover and if it does, it could easily be mistaken for morning mist. It’s the perfect location if you like living a secluded life, which I do.

The cabin is miles from the nearest road. The only company that we do get is a few campers who come to enjoy the beauty of the lake that is a few miles from here, but aside from that it can be very lonely up here.

I know that my woman misses her friends a lot. Let me tell you how she came to live with me up in the backwoods.

It was last September and the weather had been unusually wet the last few days. The three of them were enjoying their summer camping trip by the lake when I came across them. The rain was so heavy that night that they were grateful for my offer to come and shelter in the cabin and they were all drenched and cold by the time we got there.

The sight of their lovely young bodies as they warmed and dried themselves in front of the fire pleased me. I knew in my head that once the storm was over that they would be spending more time here in this remote spot in the hills.

Although the three of them were good friends, they all had different personalities. Grace in particular I found to be very attractive. Her sweet innocence and slim shapely form contrasted with those of Helen and Elizabeth. Helen was more outspoken and obviously the leader of the three, while Elizabeth was short , a little overweight but very curvy and ready to do whatever Helen suggested.

There was plenty of room for them to spend the night in the cabin’s basement and while they bedded down I spent the night pondering what my new guests were thinking and dreaming about.

The rain continued for several more days, almost without a break, and I could sense that Helen in particular was getting rather restless, anxious for an opportunity to leave this remote spot and to resume their camping trip.

On the third day she was up early before the other two girls awoke. She left the cabin while they slept, taking her things with her.

When the other girls woke some time later, I told them she had gone to check on their camping gear, but I knew already that she wouldn’t be coming back.

The other two girls wanted to go and look for her, but I told them that it was unsafe, that the storm would bring the bears out looking for food and that Helen wouldn’t listen to me and insisted on going out. I assured them that she would probably be back very soon, even though I knew otherwise.

So Grace and Elizabeth stayed in the cabin that day, quietly sitting on the front porch and passing the time. I had placed their shoes out of reach for their own safety to stop them from wandering off into the woods, as I didn’t want them to become food for the bears and I had other plans for them.

The three of us feasted well that night, with plenty of meat roasting over the fire. I told them it was a bear that I had caught and they said that it was good.

A warm fire and full bellies helped to dispel their fears and although Helen had not returned, they went to sleep quickly without any problem.

It wasn’t long before they were ready to leave though, despite my hospitality and they said that it was time for them to return to college after their camping trip, as their parents would be getting worried.

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to lock the door to their basement bedroom for their own safety. I couldn’t have them falling victim to a bear or getting lost in the wilderness after all. For their sakes I had to keep them indoors.

With their being in the basement and the cabin being in the hollow in the backwoods, I knew that nobody would hear their cries to get out and it only took a couple of days for things to quieten down again.

Elizabeth though was becoming tiresome as time went on. She was really unhappy about spending so much time indoors and felt the need to pamper herself. So I allowed her out of the basement one afternoon to take a bath in front of the fire.

I watched as she slowly undressed, almost teasing me and soon the temptation became too much to bear. She didn’t see me coming up behind her and by the time she did it was too late to do anything. Soon she had been lifted out of the bath and layed out on the bed.

She writhed and squirmed as I feasted on her large breasts and curvy body, but she didn’t make a sound, the gag took care of that. She soon submitted to my will as I explored every inch of her body, tasting her flesh, knowing full well that Grace and I would both be feasting well that evening and for the next few days as well.

Meanwhile, Grace had heard nothing at all. The sleeping draft in her morning coffee saw to that and she slept through the whole afternoon.

When she asked about Elizabeth, I told her that Helen had returned and needed her to go and help her get the camping equipment as it was too much for her to carry on her own.

She seemed to accept my explanation, but still looked somewhat looked troubled and was even quieter than usual without her friends around her.

Grace ate little that evening, half in a dream, probably still coming round after her morning potion.

But then a mark on a piece of meat which looked rather like the heart tattoo that Elizabeth had on her arm made her come to realize the fate that had befallen her friends. With this a panic set in and she began to suddenly scream uncontrollably, then curled up in a corner whimpering.

That was six months ago…

The fall and winter have now gone and spring is here in the woods again. Few know of this cabin tucked away in this remote part of the woods, so nobody came to check on the missing girls.

Grace, sweet Grace. She is getting so pale. It’s unfair that I have to lock her in the basement all alone, but I can’t allow her to be upstairs on her own when I am out, in case she tries to leave, at least not just yet.

She no longer shows any emotion when I lay with her. She just lies there, waiting for me to finish and then cries herself to sleep.

Soon it will be time for me to go out in search of fresh supplies. I saw puffs of smoke in the direction of the lake this evening. More campers may have arrived, so hopefully my expedition to the lake will prove fruitful.

My dear Grace should be grateful for a good meal to help nourish her. After all she now has to eat for two. Soon she will be able to spend more time upstairs as well and to enjoy the sunlight, while we wait for our first child to be born.

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