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H Is For History

Even now I remember what interested me in history, in particular Ancient History, and it was going with my parents to see an Italian made Epic called The Wooden Horse Of Troy, which I found out was released in 1961. The story fascinated me, and I also had a Readers Digest book for children which had an article on Heinrich Schliemann who spent years searching for the location of Troy, before finally discovering the site in 1868.

G Is For Gloomy Mornings

So really for me, the month of April is a turning point in the year, the changing of the clocks signalling a rapid transition from Winter to Summer, and mentally just knowing that the amount of time in which we can actually do something outside is increasing with every day, makes coming home and the evenings even better to look forward to.

A Is For April

We all love a challenge, and I decided to sign up for The A to Z Blogging Challenge, which requires you to publish an article for every day in April except for the 4 Sundays, with each article being related to the appropriate letter of the alphabet. Since today is the 1st of April, and the first letter of the Alphabet is A, guess what!