What Would I Do Without My Hands

My HandsMy hands are very important to me.  I do practically everything using my hands, so if I was to lose them I would probably go crazy.

This article is a challenge as part of GBE2 (Great Blogging Experience 2) which is to write an article about your Hand in exactly 100 words.  The little ditty below is exactly that – 100 words.  I hope you enjoy it.

What would I do without my hands
If I fell over how would I land

No fighting back if things came to blows
No brushing my teeth or picking my nose

So many things are just part of my life
Like being able to hug my wife

 I don’t know how those who lose them survive
Without my hands I would not feel alive

So here’s to my hands, my fingers and thumbs
And the joy of being able to wipe my own bum

Without any  hands don’t know what I would do
No more rhymes to write – boo hoo!

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