Debbie And Tony's Photographs And Memories The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England
The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

The Money Tree

the money treeI wish that we had a money tree
So that life could be simpler for you and me

We wouldn’t have to work our lives away
Hoping retirement will come one day

When retiring I wonder will we still have good health
With enough money to live on, let alone wealth

Those vacations we dreamed of so impossible seem
There just isn’t enough money to realise those dreams

It’s all we can do to work hard and save
For an overseas trip, one of these days

With our children now living in distant lands
Trips to go see them are all we can plan

But alas we can barely pay for those trips
Let alone dream of others, with savings of zip

So for leisure we go out and take country strolls
And save every penny for our important goals

Because family and kids are things that we miss
So we save hard all year for that big hug and kiss

Maybe some day soon a new life can begin
If we manage to get a big lottery win

But hope as we might, for this fanciful chance
So far lady luck hasn’t given us a glance

Oh I just wish that we could win the lottery
Or if not, find ourselves a real money tree

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