We Are Teaming Up With The Squidoo City Guide

Big Jim very kindly created a post on his Squidoo City Guide blog all about my USA States lenses and the fact that there are lists on each of them where lensmasters can add their lenses about each state.

The Squidoo City Guide group contains hundreds of lenses about cities all around the world.   By adding your lens to this group, you are increasing the exposure of your lens, since not only will there be a link to your lens from the Group page, chances are that Jim will write about it at some point on his blog.    If you link back to the Squidoo City Guide from your lens, you are increasing the exposure for the Squidoo City Guide, and the better that fares, the more benefit you are likely to get from it.

If you have lenses about the USA, my suite of lense about each State are another place where you can add your lenses.  Based on a State rather on a City basis, both Jim’s Squidoo City Guide and my USA States suite complement each other well, and each of my State lenses links to Squidoo City Guide and vice versa.

So, to get maximum exposure to your USA lenses, I recommend adding them to the Squidoo City Guide as well as to my suite of USA State lenses.  Link back to my State lens and I will add a Featured Lens link back to yours, as well as you having a link on the list.   Don’t forget to Lensroll too.

You can’t go wrong!  Add your lens to these two, link back to both, and watch your traffic increase.

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