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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Deep Thoughts

sudden_impactI was watching a documentary on television last night about a group of scientists who had a theory about the era of the dinosaurs ending because of an asteroid hitting earth, causing widespread destruction, an ice age and dust clouds that blocked out the sun for tens or even hundreds of years.

It made me think, “WHAT’S LIFE ALL ABOUT?” and also “WHAT’S THE POINT OF US BEING HERE?“.

 In the scheme of things, man has not been around for very long.  New evidence shows that primitive man has been around for close to one million years, and it’s possible that there were advanced civilizations even before the last ice age, but so long ago that practically all traces have been eradicated.    As far as we know (at this time), civization began in the last 10,000 years with Sumeria and Egypt, and India, and that’s only a fraction of time.   The modern age with cars, flying machines and space travel is just over 100 years old, which is barely a dot on the time chart of earth.

It’s truly amazing when you think of how far mankind has come in the last 100 years, even the last 50, 20 or 10 years, but if a rock from space measuring no more than a few hundred feet across could destroy life on earth, you have to ask “WHAT’S THE POINT!”

Everything that has evolved, all the creatures, not just man, could be eliminated in a matter of minutes or months, depending on the nature of the impact, and it just makes you think that if man is here for a purpose, then how could out page just be torn from the book of the universe and tossed away forever.

Either that, or are we just a miracle of evolution, maybe one of many throughout the universe, that appears and then disappears in a fragment of universal time without any real significance.

So I ask you, are we really important in the scheme of life, does any great being or life force out there care if we flourish or perish, and what do you think our chances are should another space rock make a bee-line for us?

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