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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Fake Job Offers By Email

A sly little twist on the fake job offer scam This used to be a promise for a job after payment of an “agency fee”. Now there’s a new technique.

Find someone looking for a job – plenty of ways to get details, often illegal but who ever gets prosecuted? Send them a nice personalised email promising a job in their home town, so they think it’s kosher. Get them to do an online IQ test or something of the sort and give you their mobile number. Then send them several reverse charge texts (£1.50 each) about their test results.

The poor mug will usually accept the texts as he needs the score to complete the application form. If he’s unemployed and desperate he’s even more likely to accept the costs even if he’s less likely to be able to afford them.

That’s the scam being operated by Their domain records are hidden, the office address on their website has never heard of them. Hopefully you never will again.

It’s easy to get confused when you’re hitting lots of sites; keep records of the ones you’ve applied to. Preferably only use sites that are recommended to you by trusted sources. Don’t assume an ad is kosher just because it’s in a newspaper. Read terms and conditions before signing up. Don’t go with anyone who says they may pass your details on. And don’t accept reverse charges on a mobile, or call a number you don’t recognise.

For more information on how to avoid the crooks, see Avoiding Fraud And Scammers On The Internet

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