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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

This 1st April Just Seems Kind Of Bizarre

Image used under a Collective Commons License from’s the 1st of April today, and it just seems kind of bizarre being at home instead of in the office.

I have been working at home since last Wednesday, quite successfully, with my computer from work, twin monitors, taking up the dining room as an office, but as of today I am one of many in the UK who have been placed on “furlough”, a Government scheme where companies can reduce staff costs to try and stay in business, with the Government paying 80% of their salaries up to £2,500 a month.

Of course, earning more then £2,500 a month, I haven’t yet found out what that really means. Is it 80% of your salary up to £2,500, meaning 80% of £2,500, or 80% of your salary up to a total of £2,500 which would be £2,500. Either way, it’s a significant cut for us, and for me with no savings and struggling to make ends meet every month, I hope it doesn’t continue for too long.

It’s also bizarre that being April Fools Day things should go wrong. I thought this morning that before I went in the shower, I would trim my hair as it’s due. I usually do it myself at home, and Debbie catches all the bits I miss, so this morning I get about halfway through, having trimmed the left side of my head, and the battery dies! So, time to plug the trimmer back in, downstairs for a coffee and breakfast, and fortunately with 30 minutes of charge I was able to complete the job. Hoping that’s all that will go wrong today!

On a more positive note, although it’s chilly outside, it’s mostly blue skies and dry for a change, so an opportunity to work in the garden, and there is plenty to be done!

On a negative note though, I filled the garden waste bin over the weekend, it should have been emptied yesterday morning, but the council suspended the service the day before, so now the question is, where am I going to put the rest of the garden waste?

I did think of that classic movie The Great Escape, and wondered if I could get away with walking around the neighbourhood in a coat with large pockets, scattering the garden waste discretely as I took my one excercise of the day. I would need a shredder though, and it wouldn’t be as simple as scattering sand on grass like in the movie. I will come up with a plan, hopefully, just need to do a bit of lateral thinking.

Plenty of projects to work on though, and I think the next series of posts might just feature the garden, which after months of rain over the winter, is in much need of some weeding. Maybe this time off is just what we need to create a nice garden this year. Good job I bought a pressure washer a few weeks ago too, so I can clean off the mould and moss from the concrete.

That’s all the news from here in Southampton on the South Coast for now.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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