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Russian Style Celtic Rock From Otava Yo

If you enjoy listening to Celtic Rock music, or even if you aren’t familiar with this genre of music, I hope you enjoy this video which I found today.

I pretty much stumbled across Russian Folk Group “Otava Yo” last weekend on You Tube and I am completely hooked on their music.

Their older songs are a mix of traditional Russian folk songs in a Bluegrass style, but their latest songs are more Celtic in nature, complete with bagpipes. You could easily think you were listening to an Irish or Scottish rock band, not a group from Russia.

I hope you enjoy listening to Otava Yo, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

I posted on one of my other sites last week with an older video of theirs, Bluegrass / Hillbilly / Mountain music style. This track and video is catchy and really addictive. Both videos feature music of different styles, but brilliant.

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