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Pink Floyd Cover: Shar Airag

There are a lot of Pink Floyd cover bands from all around the world, a lot of them fairly good and some of them truly excellent. But you, like me, probably wouldn’t expect to find a really good cover act that came from Mongolia would you?

When Covid-19 started to get rampant in the UK earlier this year, I ended up working from home instead of in the office, which has worked out really well as we have good internet speed, I have a good computer setup etc and it’s made working almost as easy as being in the office.

One big difference is however that being on my own instead of in a shared office space, I am able to play music while I work, which when the mood takes me, really helps me to focus and to concentrate on what I am doing.

But what to listen to? Sometimes I just want to listen to my favourite bands/artists and their albums or concerts, but at other times I want something new to listen to.

This has often had me browsing around YouTube, which is sometimes very good at popping up videos for artists and even genres that I wouldn’t have necessarily have chosen myself.

So, this morning, up pops a concert from Shar Airag, a cover band from Mongolia (apparently they cover more than just Pink Floyd). Within a few minutes of the concert I was hooked, they are excellent in their cover of the best classic Pink Floyd tracks.

Their concert even replicates some of the Pink Floyd special effects and lighting from their 80’s tours, even down to the 3 female vocalists in black evening dresses!

I hope you enjoy this concert, please leave a comment if you do, and Debbie and I are always pleased to find something new to listen to, so feel free to suggest something to us.

If oyu wuld like to learn more about Shar Airag, here are some links:

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