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Reflections On Covid-19 – 6th Jan 2021

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These reflections on Covid-19 began as a long comment on a post on someone else’s blog, however having written everything and put a lot of emotional energy into it, all I got when I attempted to post the comment was:

Sorry, this comment could not be posted

So, rather than throwing it all away, I thought it might be better to air my feelings on Covid-19, something I have wanted to do for a few months, but lacked the time and energy to actually put a post together.

Time to put my own post together this time, rather than commenting on other people’s and I do hope that you will comment on it and add your own feelings. You should find a form where you can leave a comment towards the end of the page.

Going back to the first lockdown at the end of March 2020, I remember my wife and I were quite confident that not only would things get better soon, despite having to stay home, but we could see our local community coming together and neighbours were helping neighbours, it wasn’t all bad.

Eight or more months later, in early Janary 2021, we are both still working from home and quite happy with that, but the increased local crime, in particular burglaries, and the cases of people ignoring lockdown and causing Covid-19 to spread, well it’s just depressing. It’s not just the cold weather that is getting us down, it’s people in general, Covidiots as they have often been branded!

My wife and I both feel that the government is overall doing a fairly decent job, other than maybe relaxing the first lockdown too much and too soon. Whether you agree or not with how well they have tackled Covid-19, I don’t think anyone could have done much better, given the complexity of the situation. It’s all very well to look at the situation now and say “well if they had done this or that”, but with hindsight I’m sure they would have done things differently, but who actually knew six months ago what the situation would be like in a few months time.

Right now it’s extremely worrying that the number of infections and deaths is spiralling almost out of control in the UK, but I believe this is very much because the UK is one of the first countries to see the new variants of Covid-19, which are spreading faster than ever before. Give it a few weeks, maybe by February and I think we will see case numbers in other countries rise as the variants reach there, while hopefully our numbers in the UK will begin to drop very soon.

It’s all been a case of going up and down in the tables on the Worldometers statistics site. Some countries have risen up in the tables recently, only to sink down again in the rankings as things are brought under control due to government measures. The UK is currently in 5th place as far as total infections, but this could easily change in a couple of weeks. We just have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, stay safe and follow the guidelines. Hopefully we will all get vaccinated in the coming months, or find some natural immunity to overcome this 21st century plague and see our lives return to a semblence of normality.

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