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Do You Suffer With Cold Feet In Bed?

The Bed Buddy from Carex - a great microwaveable heating padDo you suffer with cold feet in bed and find it hard to warm them up?

The cure might be easier than you think, at least I found a solution last week that works for me, and it’s really quite simple.

Debbie has been away visiting her daughter for two weeks, and since she is usually the first one into bed at night, I am no longer used to getting into a cold bed.

Suffice it to say that since I usually sit in the living room barefoot, my feet are cold when I get into bed, and try as hard as I might, I was unable to get my mind to focus on anything other than the fact than my feet were freezing cold, which kept me awake and my whole body feeling cold.

To try and counter this I tried putting on socks when I went to bed, and even wore slippers in the evening so my feet would not feel so cold, but it made little difference.

Then, last Monday morning I woke up with a sore back.  I don’t know what happened, maybe I laid funny during the night, but wake up with a bad back I did, and the soreness lasted the whole week.

When I get a sore back, which is more often than not caused by a trapped nerve, I find the best treatments to be stretching, and using one of the pads that you heat in the microwave.

So, come bedtime on Monday night, I heated up the pad, and when I got into bed I laid it on me where my back was sore, which was the kidney area on the right side.

I was instantly really comfortable, lying down and cuddling with this warm pad, and it dawned on me that not only did the warm sensation confuse my brain into forgetting about the pain in my back, it also told it to forget about whether my feet were cold or not.

The heating pad that we have is a Bed Buddy from Carex, but you can find a huge selection of Microwave Heating Padson Amazon, there is something there to suit everyone.

Very often if your hands, feet or even ears are cold, it makes your whole body feel cold, no matter what you are wearing. That’s why in cold weather people wear thick socks, gloves and ear muffs or hats.

It only takes one of those sensitive parts of your body to feel cold to trigger a reaction in the brain telling you that you are cold all over.

So if you get into a cold bed and your brain senses that your feet are cold, it’s hard for your whole body to feel warm.

Confuse the brain however by snuggling up to something warm, and that feeling of warmth overrides the sensors in your brain that tell you your feet are cold.  Instead your whole body should feel cosy and warm, allowing you to get to sleep more easily.

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