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Debbie and I love to travel. Together we have been to various place in the UK, Europe and the USA on vacation.

I lived in the USA for 15 years prior to returning to the UK in 2009, and previously lived in New Zealand for 9 months back in 1987-88. I have also been to a number of countries in Central & South America for work, as well as the Caribbean, Kenya and Papua New Guinea.

We both have the travel bug, and here are some recollections about the places that we have visited.

From Wikimedia Commons, used under a Collective Commons Licence

Major Roadworks In Southampton = Major Nightmare Getting To And From Work

Starting 18th February 2018 there are going to be major roadworks in Southampton that will create a major nightmare for travelers. People who need to commute between the city centre and Chilworth Roundabout to get to work will face severe delays, as Basset Avenue is going to be closed southbound […]