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When Is This Wind And Rain Going To End

The weather in the UK since at least a week before Christmas Day has been so bad it has me wondering when is this wind and rain going to end.

With the exception of maybe 2-3 days the gusty winds and driving rain just haven’t let up since it started. Now we are already beginning to see the storms that are ravaging the Eastern USA hitting the UK, but so far it’s still fairly mild, just more high winds and heavy rain in the forecast for much of this week.

It has been fairly mild here in the south of England, which is a relief, but the continual rain and Spring high tides combined with south-westerly winds has led to a lot of flooding, especially to places that rarely get flooded. It’s sad to see people without electricity over the Christmas holidays, and also having to evacuate their homes because of rising rater.

It won’t get any better for at least a week I don’t think, not if the weather forecast is correct, and in some ways we are fortunate to live halfway up a hill and to be surrounded by hills, so our chance of getting flooded is really remote. However, the driving rain has managed to find it’s way in through the bathroom window, kitchen window and over the french doors in the kitchen, so we have had puddles to mop up a few mornings.

What worries me as well is that the trees and bushes are loaded with berries, far more than usual, which is a sign that it is going to be a bitterly cold winter with lots of snow. I remember the winter of 1963, when I was only 9 years old, and the thick snow lasted for months on the south coast, whereas normally we get little or none. I definitely don’t want to go through that again.

Stay warm, stay dry, and if you have any stories to tell about the recent bad weather, please feel free to leave a comment.

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