January Is A Brain Dead Month

After all the fuss about Christmas and New Years, I very often find that January is a brain dead month for me, and 2014 is proving to be no exception.

I made myself a New Year’s Resolution to write more, especially here on what was created as a special site for Debbie and I, but halfway through the month I am having trouble finding things to write about, and that shouldn’t be happening, as there are always plenty of things I can write about.

I think the problem might be partly that many of the topics I want to write about require research and they aren’t going to develop into quick articles.

I don’t have a lot of time right now to pursue those, and therefore I am looking for those more spontanious topics to write about, like news items or things that come into my head while driving to work for example. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything, which is frustrating.

Do you find the same thing happening to you when you try to write at this time of the year?

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