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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Yet Another Relaunch Of Delovesto, This Time For 2018!

It’s two weeks before Christmas 2017 and I thought the time was right for another relaunch of Delovesto.

I have really enjoyed writing for about 15 years now, and Delovesto has been a personal project for Debbie and I for almost ten years. However, with the demise of Squidoo, where we both used to write and earn a decent addition to our income, the failure of everything we every wrote there when it was sold to Hubpages, and Google dropping the rank for sites unless they were both HTTPS and mobile friendly, we both ended up very demoralised over our writing, and pretty much put things on hold.

Despite several attempts by me to begin writing again over the last 3 or so years, my full time job and life in general have kept me really busy, and as a result the best I have really managed is to write some “potentially excellent” articles in my head, but up to now practically nothing has been written down.

As well as new content, I have almost 500 old articles from now defunct sites that I would love to edit and bring up to date, re-publishing on here. Included among them are various short stories and poems that I have written.

So, having changed the site hosting to one where I can make the sites all HTTPS, I have converted everything to mobile friendly themes, and now a couple of weeks before Christmas 2017 I hope that I can begin writing afresh and give Delovesto a kick-start.

I’m not sure how many people will see this post, since the number of followers has probably dropped to zero by now, but I hope that I can keep the creative juices flowing and bring you some new content as well as freshened up old content as we move into the new year.

2017 hasn’t been a great year in many ways, but with luck 2018 might be a good year for us all.

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