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Once I Was Lost Now I Am Found

I took a look at the topic for the week on GBE2 (Great Blogging Experience 2) which is Lost And Found, and after many minutes, ok less than two actually, I thought that it was time to write about a period of my life, and how I came to meet my soul mate.

In late 2006 I was living in South Florida, having moved there from Indiana almost a year previous.

My marriage had turned sour.  It had been shaky for a while, but after moving had really gone further downhill.  My life was no longer my own, I was living with my in-laws with two women who ruled the roost, and I was really unhappy, lost, and not knowing what the future held for me, except that it wasn’t my story, I was help captive.

The previous year I had begun some research into my family history, something I had become very interested in.  During my move to Florida I had not had time to work on this, but having in despair now split from my wife and become independent, I had time to work on this, and continued my research with a vengeance.

I found a genealogy site that had a wonderful community of members, and also on their forums an “Off Topic” section, where a group of members posted threads that were often hilarious.

There was one person that I had come across on a number of threads, and by pure chance, we happened to view a new “Off Topic” thread at the same time, one where someone posted the first line of a story, and other members in turn added a new line.

Well the story started as funny, went on to be bizarre and incredibly funny, and I realized that this one person was responding to the lines that I had written in a way that indicated she understood what was behind what I had written.  She definitely understood me, and realized that I understood what she had written too.

For several weeks the thread continued, with the pair of us writing lines in the story that he hoped the other would follow through with, and they did, and it was unreal and amazing.  For the first time in ages I was happy inside.

To cut a long story very short, we began to email each other, then call each other, and with each new day over a period of months we realized just how much we had in common.  Not only this, but she lived only 30 miles from where I grew up in England.

Today I have ended up back in England, and we have been married for just over a year.  I have never been happier, despite the traumas that we have both had to go through, but I can now at last not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel that I am out of the tunnel.

If either of us had been on that web site researching even a week either side, we would never have met, and who knows how our lives would be right now.

Truly in many ways, once I was lost, but now I am found.

This article was a project for the week for GBE2 (Global Blogging Experience) and was based on the words “Lost And Found”.

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