Shopping With Debbie

This is the story of a fun shopping trip I had with my eldest daughter on Saturday.   I will do my best to try and bring the character of the area and the sights to life and I hope you enjoy this trip as much as I did. There is […]

Email From The Consular Information Unit Arrived!!

Finally, I had a response from the Consular Information Unit to my email sent on the 13th January. I was shaking and felt my heart pumping when I found it sat waiting for me in my mail box. I quickly opened it, and here’s what it says; ‘Your application is […]

Tagfoot – Social Bookmarking Redefined

Tagfoot is a brand new social bookmarking and networking site, and it’s unique.   This is your invitation to join Tagfoot and find out all about this great site. From a description alone you might think that Tagfoot is just another site like Digg or Stumbleupon, but aside from being […]

USB Hard Drives For Backup Or Storage

USB Hard Drives are now so cheap, especially here in the USA, that nobody should have an excuse to be short of disk space for Documents, Music, Digital Photographs, Movies etc, or short of space to create backups of their systems or data.   It wasn’t long ago that additional Hard […]

I’m Going To Be A Grandparent!

Well, it’s happened.  I’m going to join all those mature people who are known as Grandparents.  A new generation is currently preparing itself to enter this world.  A journey that I am so excited about. I had told all three of my children years ago that there was no way […]

Please Drink Responsibly

This is a post on behalf of the DUI Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps to educate people about the dangers of driving while drunk, to help in the prevention of accidents, and to assist with guidance should you be involved in one.   I now hand you over to Joseph […]

Positive Vibes Needed Please!

Well as some of  you may know, Tony lives in Florida and I live in the UK.   Over the last 18 months, I’ve done 6 trips over to Florida and Tony has made 2 to the UK. Anyway, last summer we had the opportunity to spend a year together in […]

Israel And Palestine. Can There Be Peace In Gaza?

I wish that Israel and Palestine could find a peaceful solution in the Gaza Strip. I don’t in any way condone Israel’s military actions, however peace only works if both sides remain peaceful. It only takes one person to keep lobbing rockets across into Israel, and sooner or later you […]

Where Is Your Username Registered?

Ok, so as you start to create web sites and blogs, to register for Social Networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Squidoo and Tagfoot, you keep coming across new sites to register with, but over time it’s easy to forget some of these sites, especially if […]

How Secure Is Your Job In 2009?

Peronally, I think 2009 is going to be a tough year for many people – too many people, and definitely having a secure job is a new status symbol. But defining safe? I don’t think you can.