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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

R Is For Reverse

Reverse is what we do when we change direction, and it’s not always something that we enjoy doing, but we have to do it anyway.

For some reason I was thinking of what to write for the Letter R, and the word Reverse came to me, and with it the memory of my Dad telling me many years ago about when he learned to drive, which was either just before the Second World War or during it.

It must have been when I was learning to drive in my teens that he told me this, although I seem to think it was earlier than that, so maybe when my Mum was learning to drive, but anyhow exactly when isn’t relevant to my story.

Apparently the old car he used to drive back then, which something inside is telling me was an Austin 7, used to be low powered like many old cars, and it was very hard to get up steep hills.  My Dad said that several times, because Reverse was actually lower than First gear, he had to reverse the car up a hill in order to reach the top.

It seems amazing in this day and age that people had to do that, but then only a few years before, we relied on horse power and to a lesser extent steam power.

I do remember when I was much younger, in single digits for sure, that when my Dad used to take us out for a drive in the country, and he used to love to drive and just see where the road took us, that we would quite often see Traction Engines, great lumbering steam powered Steam Rollers with huge wheels, that used to block the narrow country roads and cause traffic jams.

We also used to get a lot of hold ups in those days as well when driving in the country and the farmers had to move the cows or sheep from one field to the other, which invariably meant moving them into the road, down it and across the other side.

Those were the days, when it was fun just to sit in the car and wait while a hers of animals was shepherded down the road in front of you, a sight that you so rarely see in rural England these days.

Of course this all has little to do with reverse, and I have a feeling that my Dad (who passed away 5 years ago) was trying to tell me something.  Maybe it will all make sense to me later this evening.

As I wrote that I felt it might have something to do with reversals that I have made in my life, and I have made a few, notably getting divorced twice.

Who really knows the power of thought, and although the content of this post is now not really related to the word Reverse, one thing I am not going to do is to back up and change it.

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