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Security Light Blues

You know what it’s like when a job that ought to be really simple just ends up going wrong for no reason of your own.  This is what happened to me when I tried to replace a security light on our garage over the weekend.

Our garage is at the back of the house at the end of a long alley.  I have to back the car all the way up the alley, and in the winter time it’s rather muddy there, and for that reason plus to deter intruders, we have a security light on the corner of the garage.

However, although the security light comes on ok after it gets dark, it no sooner goes off than it comes back on again immediately, all through the night, which not only runs up the electric bill but annoys us and the neighbours as well.

So, on New Years Day, having purchased a new security light, I tried to fit it, which ought to have been a simple process, but unfortunately my luck never works out that way.

I went out to the garage mid-morning with good intentions, and began to disassemble the old light, having turned off the electricity to the garage.  I hadn’t spent more than 15 minutes on this, and had removed the light, when it began to drizzle.  So I put the lamps and tools in the garage, and went back into the house to wait for the rain to stop.

Instead of stopping, it just got heavier, and during a break I went out to the garage to retrieve the light and tools, since the garage roof, which is made of corrugated metal, was covered in condensation, and the constant drips were enough to ruin the light and to make everything rusty.

After that the heavens opened, and it rained continuously until well after dark.

The following day was bright and sunny, with no rain forecast, and so I endeavoured to try and complete the job. 

Where the wires came out from the concrete wall of the garage, I had noticed as soon as I had removed the old light the day before, that a horde of wood lice scurried into the hole and disappeared into the garage, and so prior to fixing the new light I thought it prudent to put some sealant in the hole to try and keep the electrics dry and free of bugs.

I had a tube of caulking that I had only part used a year before, but unfortunately the cap was full of dried up filler, and it took me a good 30 minutes to clean this out so that I could use it.   Into the hole the caulking went, but unfortunately the added pressure I needed to use because the caulking was old caused some of it to ooze out of the bottom of the container, and all over the caulking gun, which was virtually brand new.  

I tried to clean this, but  it was pretty evident that at best I could only do a bad job, and so with regret both the tube of caulking and the caulking gun went out into the trash.

Fortunately the new light looked like it was a newer model of the old one, and had the same shape, but were the holes to mount it in the same place?  Of course not!  The old light had holes in the top left and bottom right, the new one had them top right and bottom left.  So now I had to drill holes to fit the thing as well.

I have some good new masonry drill bits, but my drill is not an SDS one, and with the wall of the garage being made out of concrete blocks, it took me most of the drill battery to drill one hole, and the second one just didn’t want to co-operate, until such point where not only were my hands cramped, the battery went flat.   I changed battery, but guess what, the spare one was even flatter than the first, so I had to put that on charge, which takes about 24 hours.

So that was the end of that, and today after a long break for the holidays it’s back to work, with no light in the alley, and during the night and day terrific wind and rain.

The task is now going to have to wait until this coming weekend, when I will be armed with a couple of fresh batteries, and hope that my not so trusty drill will do the trick this time.

I don’t know why the simplest of tasks have to prove so complicated, but it’s the story of my life unfortunately.  Somewhere where has to be someone who has the opposite side of the coin, so I hope that they are grateful for my taking on more than my fair share of problems so that they can have an easier time of things.

Is this something that you can relate to?  If so, I would like to hear what you have to say, so please leave a comment.

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