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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Another Writing Milestone Is Imminent

Just over 2 years ago on 12th January 2010 I joined the many other writers on a site called Associated Content where I hoped to find new friends and to expand my writing exposure to new eyes, as well as to boost my earnings.

Today, if all goes well, I should reach the covetted level of Clout 10, which means that I have had over 330,000 page views on 707 articles, and reached the top of the ladder.

Since joining Associated Content the site has undergone a lot of changes, being taken over by Yahoo!, and finally after a year of changes and countless problems if looks like they are heading in the right direction again.

In the last two years I have written about many topics, including my favorite Travel and Humor ones, but also Religion and Politics, which have never really interested me much in the past, but which in the last few years have prompted me to write more about them.

I hope that you have time to browse through my articles, which you can find on the now renamed Yahoo Contributor Network, and I have to commemorate reaching this goal I have created a page on Squidoo about Tony Payne On Yahoo Voices, which lists all my articles as well as giving some good writing tips and ways in which writing on Yahoo has helped me with ideas for creating lenses on Squidoo.


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