So Close To 100,000 Page Views – Can You Help Me To Reach My Target Today?

I just saw that I am only 776  Page Views away from 100,000 which would be a great target to reach today, but with visitors to my articles on Associated Content being really slow this month, I am not confident I can make it.

Have you read any of my articles on Associated Content lately, if at all? 

I joined in January and currently have 343 articles, which include my writing about a myriad of different topics, as well as publishing slide shows of places that I have been to, writing poems, and there is even one audio poem if you ever wondered what I sound like (I hate the sound of my voice by the way).

If you have a few minutes, would you be able to help me to reach my target by reading any of my articles, or viewing my slideshows etc?

Each page that you view counts as One Page View (it’s that simple for once), so if you find an article that is three pages long and read each page, that’s three Page Views.

Any help that you can give would be much appreciated, and if you do find something that you like, there are links at the bottom left of the page below each article, where you can share it using Twitter, Facebook, and a number of other sites as well.

Thanks so much for helping in advance, for accelerating me past this huge target and on to the next, and for being a good friend.

To view my articles, just click HERE

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