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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

The Funny Bunny Cloud

The cloud that looks like an Easter BunnyThe cloud that looks like an Easter Bunny

Every once in a while, do you ever see clouds in the sky that remind you of something?

Monday started off gloomy, then really taking us by surprise, the afternoon ended up with perfect blue skies.  We decided to have a BBQ in the back garden, and having eaten, we were sitting in the sun, when I noticed that several clouds had formed, including this one.    It’s a shame that by the time I ran inside to get the camera, it had transformed somewhat from it’s perfect shape, but to both of us it looks like a rabbit sitting down, with a mischievous look on it’s face, and it’s ears sticking up wildly.    Usually photos of clouds don’t come out too well, but I thought this did.    Try clicking on the pictures for the full sized image.   Let us know what you think it looks like.

Shortly after this more clouds appeared, including the most amazing wispy shapes, and about an hour after this we saw what looked like a pirate skull in the sky, but we were out for a walk in the local country park at the time and didn’t have the camera with us unfortunately.   Opportunities like this don’t come along that often.

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