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Creating A Sticky Post In WordPress

Sometimes it’s helpful to create a sticky post in your blog, one that stays at the top of the home page and appears as the first post.  Actually, sometimes it’s useful to have several sticky posts, but just how do you create these?

Simples if you know how…

Wordpress Sticky Post

If you are creating a post in WordPress, the top right of the screen ought to look like this image above.

To create a Sticky Post, click on the Edit field to the right of where it says Visibility: Public, and the screen should change to look like the image below.

Wordpress Sticky Post

All you need to do to make your post a Sticky one, is to check the box that says Stick this post to the front page and then click on OK.

You can easily test this by modifying an older post, making it sticky, and then viewing the home page for your blog. 

To stop a post from being sticky?  Well I will leave you to figure that out…

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