Article Summary 4th October 2010

Published articles on Associated Content in the last week include the continuing chaos in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, News From A Weird World (the weekly Offbeat News), the New Paparazzi, Carrier Pigeon Beats Broadband, Robert Pattinson grows a beard, and National Trust Properties in Cambridgeshire.

What A Fun Evening This Is

Our television packed up yesterday, the internet went out yesterday evening and didn’t come back on, and our central heating isn’t working either. It’s like living in the dark ages… Well kind of…

What’s Going On In Bournemouth

This is a good resource for details of Bournemouth and what is happening in this seaside town in Dorset on the south coast of England. Find details of local news, football updates on The Cherries, speedway updates on Poole Pirates, local restaurant reviews, nightlife and concerts, places to visit and more.

Article Summary 6th September 2010

Articles that I have published in the last week include a photo tour of Kennedy Space Center, Saving Electricity Costs by using a Monitor, a Poem called the Page View Blues, exploring buffet restaurants in the USA and the UK, the weekly Offbeat News, how to liven up Macaroni Cheese, How College Students can Earn Money by Writing Articles, Sweet Tomatoes a healthy buffet restaurant, Victoria Beckham nominated for a Design Award, and using a Wordpress Blog to promote your articles.

Come To Bournemouth Before The Summer Ends

Before the summer finally ends, pay a visit to Bournemouth and other beautiful and historic places in Dorset on the South Coast of England. Explore the sandy beaches of Sandbanks and marvel at the Millionaires Mansions. Take a ride across the entrance to Poole Harbour and across to the Isle Of Purbeck. Spend a day wandering the streets in Christchurch with it’s historic Priory church, or drive through The New Forest, and see horses, cattle and deer wandering free. There is so much to do in the Bournemouth area. Come visit soon.

Article Summary 23rd August 2010

This ia a compilation of the articles that I have published on Associated Content in the last week, and a varied collection they are indeed. From a description of the State of Alabama, we move to the Old City of Southampton, where we take a look at the Maritime Museum, the Old Gaol House, some unusual Memorial Plaques and the Titanic Memorial at Hollyrood Church, and the Dolphin Hotel. I also covered the death of Lord Lovat’s piper, Bill Millin, who inspired the troops on D-Day by playing his bagpipes on Sword Beach and across Pegasus Bridge. There is more besides, including a chilling Trick or Treating Halloween story…

Article Summary 16th August 2010

Articles published in the last week include Sarah Ferguson heading for bankruptcy, the US Government stockpiling Dollar coins, Mel Gibson’s Dad has a rant at the Catholic Church, the weekly Offbeat News, British taxpayers furious at Tony Blair, David Cameron says holiday at home, and a tour of the old city walls of Southampton.

Come Join Karen’s Writing Challenge

A good friend of mine and fellow writer Karen Sanders has issued a Writing Challenge, where every week she will give out a list of 10 words, and you have to write a short story that includes all of those words, in their exact form. This is not only great fun, it also helps to overcome writers block, and you never know what stories the submitters are going to come up with.

Article Summary 2nd August 2010

This is a summary of articles that I have published in the last week, and includes tips for writing and promotion, photographs of Southsea, Deer Creek in Florida and a walk from Swanwick to Warsash in Hampshire. It also includes commentaries on a number of news items, including the Vicar who conducted hundreds of phony marriages, and the problem with counterfeit pound coins in the UK.