P Is For Payne

Growing up many (too many) years ago, even though Payne is a common surname in the UK, and 99% of the Paynes have it spelled this way, few people ever got it right. It was not only frustrating to find that every time someone wrote your name down it was P-A-I-N-E, it was the fact that it sounded the same as P-A-I-N that really wound me up.

Introducing Guest Writer Paul Ward

I would like to introduce to you Paul Ward otherwise known as Paul On Books on Squidoo, who is a Guest Writer on our blog and will be posting some interesting articles on Writing, Books and other topics over the coming months.

Oh Dear My Muse Has Left Me

It’s something that all writers have to face sooner or later, that day when they wake up and try to write an article, but no topic comes to them, and the words refuse to flow. It’s called Writers Block, or in other words My Muse Has Left Me.

N Is For Nuts!

Nuts! Nuts! All kinds of nuts, from Peanuts to Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Cashew Nuts. This article explores my memories of nuts, both the edible kind as well as verbal memories of nuts.

M Is For Money Can It Make You Happy

They say that Money Is The Root Of All Evil and that Money Can’t Make You Happy, and while in many ways this is true, I think that anyone who has a shortage of money would strongly disagree.

News From A Weird World: The Offbeat News for 14th April 2011

In this edition of News From A Weird World, you can find some really weird stories that include joining the US Army to become a US Citizen, the Prime Minister Pen Snatcher, the soap actor who died 5 times in a day, attack of the flying vacuum cleaners, beware of giant flying fish and more.

L Is For Lime Cay In Jamaica

This is the third and final part of my first trip to Jamaica, where I visited Captain Henry Morgan’s home Port Royal, the Giddy House, and had an adventure visiting nearby Lime Cay.

You Can’t Celebrate Easter Without Cadbury’s

Easter would not be complete without Easter Eggs, and the best Easter Eggs in the world are made by Cadbury’s. Cadbury Gifts Direct have a great selection of Easter Gift Packs that you can order online to please every chocolate lover.

K Is For Kingston: Jamaica That Is

This is the second part of my story about a trip to Jamaica, and covers the drive from Montego Bay to Negril and back to Kingston, plus driving around Kingston and a visit to Devon House.

J Is For Jamaica

This is about my trip to Jamaica in 1989 when I had to install a computer system there. The journey takes you from Kingston to Dunn River Falls, Montego Bay, Port Royal and Lime Cay.