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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Southampton Old Cemetery

The Old Cemetery in Southampton is one of the oldest municipal cemeteries in England, and is located on the edge  of The Common in Southampton, Hampshire on the South Coast of England.

The cemetery was created in 1843 with the first burial taking place in 1846, and over the years it has been extended and is comprised of various parts with a number of chapels.    

The cemetery covers a total of 27 acres and over 116,000 burials took place there between the years of 1846 and 2005. 

The cemetery is in some ways a historical record of the City Of Southampton, having a number of graves associated with the Titanic, which sailed from Southampton and many of the crew came from there.  There are also a number of graves related to other maritime incidents, as well as graves related to the  Battle of Waterloo, Charge of the Light Brigade, the Indian Mutiny and the Boer War.

Sadly the cemetery is rarely used these days for burials, and much of it has not been looked after for some years.  Although parts have been looked after and restored by the Friends Of Southampton Old Cemetery, much of the cemetery is currently in a sad state, as the photographs in the linked slide documents show.

These photographs were taken in the summer of 2009 and show the poor status of some of the gravestones in parts of the cemetery.  Although in a sad state, the cemetery does provide a good opportunity for the photographer to capture rare images of gravestones and memorials that have seen better days.

I hope you will take some time to enjoy the wonderful photographs collection on the links below.

Southampton Old Cemetery I

Southampton Old Cemetery II

Southampton Old Cemetery III

Southampton Old Cemetery IV

Old Southampton Cemetery Plan(pdf)

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