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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

One Week Later

frustration out of workWell it’s one week today since I lost my job, and I have been really busy during this time, trying to get so many things sorted out, but not making even half the progress that I would have liked to.

I have a number of priorities for tasks, but so much needs to be attended to immediately and I would prefer it not to wait.

The obvious first task for me was to try to find work, so I updated my resume, posted that to several main job seeker sites that worked for me before, contacted the headhunter who got me my last two jobs, and since last weekend was a holiday weekend, I decided to wait for things to happen and to move on.

A company I worked for three years ago may need some work doing, and there are still people there that I know, so realistically this is my best hope in the short term.  I have an appointment to call the IT manager on Friday, so wish me luck.

My second priority is to get my health taken care of, since I only have insurance until the end of this month.

I desperately need eyeglasses, have done for a good five years, but never took the time to investigate.  Now when there isn’t enough light I struggle to see the computer (let alone what is on the screen – just kidding) so it’s impacting my attempts to work on my web sites and blogs.   I made an appointment yesterday, and the optician said that my eyes were good, the only problem being  my inability to see things clearly close up.  I rarely look good with glasses on, but the pair I chose seem to look ok, they just make me look a bit more serious.

Next is to get registered with a doctor, so I can have a full checkup.  I think it’s been ten years since my last one, and hopefully there is nothing wrong.  By the time you hit your fifties, things start to wear out, but I try to eat well, to exercise more than I have in years, and most of the time I feel pretty good.

The third thing I need to do is to register with a dentist.  I know I need at least two fillings, and I lost the inside of a tooth over two years ago (to a Tootsie Roll that I pinched from my daughter’s Halloween candy bag – serves me right!) so I really need to get a checkup, cleaning, and to sort out what I can.

Having got this out of the way, I need to work on creating a couple of new web sites, updating existing ones, writing more articles, promoting the lot, catching up on my email, comments from Squidoo, correspondence from Stumbleupon and other blogs etc etc.

Then of course it is Tax Season here in the USA and I need to get my tax return completed and sent in.

So while I may be unemployed, I have been really busy the past week.

In addition, rather than spend my whole day inside, getting a sore back and eyes, I have tried to go out twice a day if I can to the pool.  It’s a nice pool, rarely crowded, and if I can do 20 or more lengths at least once a day that’s good exercise, builds up my arms and helps to flatten my stomach (and it needs it too!).    I have also taken the occasional steam, and almost every night the guy I rent with and I walk around the lake here or the golf course, usually doing between 3-5 miles.  It’s nice and quiet, away from the bright lights, the stars are clear, and it helps clear the head, as well as being good exercise.

Well wish me luck please.  If you would like to keep informed as to how things are progressing, please feel free to subscribe to the blog.

Also if you could, any promotion of this blog would be appreciated, whether to Digg, Stumbleupon, or any other site.   Every bit counts…  I did register us with CommentLuv so if you comment on anything here, it will get seen on other blogs that are registered too.

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent good vibes and advice my way.  I really do appreciate it.  At times like this it’s good to know that you have friends.

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