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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Our Blog Is Almost Two Years Old

It’s hard to believe that the first post was published on our blog on New Years Eve 2008, which is almost 2 years ago.

I had great hopes for this site, and Debbie and I spent a while trying to come up with a good domain name, the meaning of which you can see if you visit our About page.

At the time of creating the blog, both Debbie and I were creating lenses on Squidoo, as well as being involved on a new site Tagfoot as mentors.

I was also still living in Florida, with Debbie in the UK, and we were still 7 months away from my moving back to the UK so that we could be together all the time.

Over the months Debbie found it hard to get enthusiastic about writing, and so most of the articles in the last year have been up to me.   I also found it hard to work a full time job, create lenses on Squidoo, write articles on Associated Content, and try to earn money online to suplement my income from my full time job.

As a result, some weeks have seen just two articles published on here.  Firstly an automatic post that features my Tweets on Twitter for the previous week, and secondly a post that highlights the articles that I have published on Associated Content in the last week.

At this time I am not 100% sure which direction the blog is going in, since I would dearly love for Debbie to be writing again, since she has a lot of experience in dealing with children with emotional and behavioral problems, and also she has been ill recently and could write a wonderful diary on her history of Meniere’s Disease.

I have been posting shopping bargains and special offers as well, which is another area of diversity, and so in some ways it might be a good idea to create multiple blogs rather than just have this solitary one.

The one thing that will not change in 2011 is that the blog will go on, and hopefully if things continue to go well for us, Debbie will come back and write more, and give our readers more to think about and to enjoy.

If you do enjoy this blog, please can you give us a Thumbs Up on Facebook or any other social sites that you use, and hopefully our readership will grow over the coming year, as will the number of our articles.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2011.
Tony & Debbie

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