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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

She Told Me – This Might Be The One

Join SheToldMe.comWhile I have been creating web sites for the last 8 years, it has all too often been hard to promote them and also to earn money from them.  In the last two years I signed up with Google Adsense, and added Adsense code blocks to pages on my web sites and also to my blogs, and it definitely does work and has helped to boost my income, however I recently came across a new web site that is helping me to not only promote my web sites more effectively, I get Adsense Adverts placed on every page and I am earning from them too.

The site is called She Told Me, and it’s based on the principle of Adsense Revenue Sharing.

How this works is that you bookmark web sites or pages on She Told Me.  These are called Scoops.   On each page that is generated, there are three Adsense adverts.   One of these will always have your Adsense Id on it, so if anyone clicks on the advert, you earn revenue.    In addition, if you refer someone to She Told Me, one of the Adsense Ads on their pages will also have your Adsense Id on it, for life!

You can also vote for Scoops that you like, and the most popular Scoops are visible on the front page, which greatly adds to the traffic that you can receive.

So why should I sign up with She Told Me?

Well, for a start it’s FREE to join.   Secondly, you can earn extra income through Adsense.   Thirdly, you can bookmark not only your web sites and blogs to gain extra traffic while earning Adsense revenue too, and fourthly you can also bookmark other popular web pages, earning Adsense income through them.

It makes complete sense, and you know what one of the best things is?  You don’t have to wonder whether you will ACTUALLY get paid or not.  Why?  The displays and clicks for your Adsense ads are logged immediately in your Adsense account and trackable through your normal Adsense reporting.  So, you also get paid through Adsense, not through She Told Me

So what are you waiting for?

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