The burial marker for James Hurst Payne at the Woodland Burial Ground, Walkford, Dorset.

A Visit To My Dad

Yesterday, as we were in the area, we decided to pay a visit to my Dad. We hadn’t been to see him in almost 5 years and we thought it would be a good idea to pay our respects. My Dad would have been 98 last month, had not Cancer […]

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Southampton Old Cemetery

Southampton Old Cemetery is situated on the south side of Southampton Common and covers 27 acres. We took a walk through the cemetery over the past weekend and even though this is only a few miles from home, it was the first time that we had driven anywhere to take […]

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This 1st April Just Seems Kind Of Bizarre

It’s the 1st of April today, and it just seems kind of bizarre being at home instead of in the office. I have been working at home since last Wednesday, quite successfully, with my computer from work, twin monitors, taking up the dining room as an office, but as of […]

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Russian Style Celtic Rock From Otava Yo

If you enjoy listening to Celtic Rock music, or even if you aren’t familiar with this genre of music, I hope you enjoy this video which I found today. I pretty much stumbled across Russian Folk Group “Otava Yo” last weekend on You Tube and I am completely hooked on […]

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Jasper Carrott – Still Funny

Who has listened to or watched any Jasper Carrott lately? I must admit that I am in that number, or at least was until this morning. Back in the 70’s and 80’s Jasper Carrott from Birmingham was one of the top comedians in the UK and was regularly on the […]

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Random Music In My New Car

One thing that I love about my new car, which I have had for almost two months now, is that I can play random music tracks in it. By “random” I don’t mean completely random, but since I don’t know what song is coming next, it might as well be. […]

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The Great After Christmas Diet

Well another Christmas is over and like so many others I put on way too much weight. It’s now time to start the after Christmas diet, but before I do, there is one thing that has to be taken care of. As usual, we bought too much food over Christmas, […]

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Sore Back – The Last Thing You Want Over Christmas

I think anyone who suffers with back pain will agree that a sore back is the last thing that you want over Christmas. I have suffered with back pain on occasion ever since I had a slipped disk, which was 30 years ago. Most of the time it’s ok, but […]

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How Would You Like To Travel Through Time And Space?

How would you like to be able to travel through time and space? Just imagine that a time machine or a teleporter existed, and that you were given the amazing opportunity to select a place to travel to instantly, and to optionally flit either forwards or backwards in time. Would […]